On Saturday, October 21, members of the firm were out in force to support the Southern California Chapter of Autism Speaks.  At the event, Skip Keesal was honored with the “Advocate Award,” which recognized him for “creating a more civil and just community through a strong commitment to community improvement and philanthropy.”  It was one of four awards given that night, and Skip was in illustrious company – the other awards were given to Steven Stills and the Stills Family, Dr. Connie Kasari, a prominent autism researcher from UCLA, and Sony Picture Television & ABC for their new primetime series, “The Good Doctor.”

Skip and Beth Keesal and the KYL Charitable Foundation are proud to support this fine organization, which has helped to raise 14.3 million dollars for science and research grants and 1 million dollars in grants for direct service providers since the official chapter inception in 2006.  The chapter board alongside thousands of stakeholders have successfully advocated for two local Autism Treatment Networks and for the passage and signage of the California ABLE Act.

For more information, please visit https://www.autismspeaks.org/southern-california.