KYL was featured in the recent Legaltech article, “Keesal, Young & Logan is First Law Firm to Pass the Legal Tech Assessment”, a case study covering the firm’s approach to leveraging technology training and certification to increase consistency and efficiency.  The complete article is available here and an excerpt follows:

In 2008, KYL proclaimed “Everyone is in the IT department.” The firm recognized that information technology contributes to stellar client service. Superior lawyering remains paramount. But client communication, securing client data, and methods for generating client documents all factor into client satisfaction and retention. Much of legal service delivery—turning legal insight into concrete deliverables—now entails a technology component that combines infrastructure with user input.

At KYL, the investment in the infrastructure is ongoing. Users keep pace through the KYL Keeps You Learning framework, a program that produced the 2014 ILTA IT Professional of the Year (Justin Hectus) and 2015 ACEDS eDiscovery Person of the Year (Janice Jaco) and utilizes the workflow-based training of the Legal Technology Core Competencies Certification Coalition (LTC4), on whose board of directors Hectus serves.

Julie Taylor, a partner in the firm’s San Francisco office, explains, “Buying the best technology is the easy part. Making sure that every member of our team knows how best to use it to the greatest effect and in a manner that is seamlessly integrated into our daily practice is the challenge. That is where we focus our efforts.”

For more information about KYL’s unique approach to technology, please visit here.