Keesal, Young & Logan’s Director of Information and Chair of the 12th Annual Law Firm CIO/CTO Forum at LegalTech NY, Justin Hectus, was recently interviewed by Legaltech News regarding topics to be covered at the upcoming forum.

“During the much-anticipated program, law firm technology specialists will be able to connect with thought leaders from law firms, as well as senior legal operations professionals. Panel discussions will address such crucial areas as aligning law firm information management strategy with client goals — and client expectations — that they will be provided responsive, economical and secure legal services.  That, in turn, leads to business generation for the firm, as well as a way it can differentiate itself from the competition.

This year, the chair is Justin Hectus, who is director of information at Keesal, Young & Logan. Very familiar to CIO Forum regular attendees, Hectus has addressed previous forums. In a recent interview, Hectus told Legaltech News that this year, there will be many high-level presentations. The take-aways will be important for senior technology leaders in law firms.”

Topics discussed at the forum include:

  • Approaches to Client Security Audits: How Do You Handle the Onslaught? Can You Push Back On Requirements? Should You?
  • Say Hello to the Robots: AI in the Law Office
  • Measure to Manage: Employing Data to Promote Positive Behavioral Change at Your Firm
  • The Things You Own Will Own You: How Do You Manage Purchasing to Maximize Efficiency?
  • Convince the Lawyers: How to Make the Case for the Disruptive Impact of New Technology
  • What Innovators Are Doing to Offer Streamlined, Secure DMS on the Go
  • You Promised WHAT….? Creating Order from the Chaos of Outside Counsel Guidelines

Plus four roundtable discussions covering:

  • It’s Not Just About Floods Anymore: IT Disaster Recovery Planning for the Modern Threatscape
  • Does Certification Matter? How ISO 27001 May or May Not Help You Meet Your Security Compliance Needs
  • The Enemy Within: Managing Cybersecurity Risks Brought on By User Activity
  • Cost Savings Alone Are Not Enough! Can You Overcome the Reliability and Safety Concerns of Moving Your E-mail to the Cloud?

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