Firm founding partner Skip Keesal has been listed in International Law Referral — a division of the highly respected networking and referral service International Referral — as an exclusive Maritime Law member in California.

Skip’s International Law Referral biography can be viewed here

From Law Referral’s website:
International Referral is the next generation of networking and an evolution of the way firms promote themselves. The group is designed to assist forward thinking firms with the highest standards by providing new opportunities and a reliable referral service. Based on ethical principles, the focus is on quality, trust and common ideals. This creates a hub that caters to and for the leading figures in the business, advisory and investment sectors. The company is growing rapidly and the network’s global membership will reach over 500 of the world’s leading Accountants, Finance specialists and Lawyers in the next few months. It already boasts the largest collection of law firms around the world; offering the services of almost 90,000 lawyers, represented in over 150 jurisdictions.
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