A 5-foot-long dragon―skillfully carved from ice and standing guard over spread of seafood―was just one show of elegance at the 10th anniversary celebration of Keesal, Young & Logan’s Hong Kong law office on Dec. 7.
Bustling chefs prepared and served Mandarin duck crepes, sushi and risotto amidst a backdrop of red and black Oriental decor. A carving station boasted its tri-tip and turkey, each served with herb aioli. An ornate dessert spread tempted many of the 650 guests, as did an equally impressive champagne and wine station. Orchestrating Chefs William Hall and Mauricio Perez admired the successful feast and candid celebration.
Consequently, the law offices of Keesal, Young & Logan have a lot to celebrate; their philanthropic endeavors have enriched communities across the nation. Among the organizations benefitting from KYL’s generosity and service Boys and Girls Clubs, Long Beach Cancer League, Steel Magnolias, YMCA, CSULB Performing Arts Center, Legal Aid, Boy Scouts and the Children’s Health Fund of New York.  For more information visit www.kyl.com
Seen at the scene: Beth and Skip Keesal, Congresswoman Laura Richardson, former Long Beach mayor Beverly O’Neill, Sen. Alan and Debbie Lowenthal, Wil and Michaeleen James, Joe Ling, Pat and Jerry Murphy, Everett Glenn, Jane Netherton, Cam Killingsworth, Jean Smith, Vern Schooley, Judge Bob Wenke, Kristi and Rob Peckham, Dawna and Gary DeLong, John and Cindy Costello, Vice Mayor Bonnie Lowenthal, Alice and John Wallace, Nancy Gaines, Michelle and John Molina, Mario Molina, Richard Steinke, Don and Cindy Rodriguez, Nick and Patti Sramek, John and Elizabeth Hancock, Jim Hankla, Judge Margaret Hay, Jackie and Ernie Kell, Walt Florie, Jim Michaelin, Doug Drummond, Gloria and Dr. Jerry Blatt, Patrick and Jennifer O’Donnell, Gerrie Schipske, Tonia Reyes Uranga, Joan Van Hooten, Shashin and caryn Desai, Jim Brophy, Chris and Ellen Pook, Alice Rouse, Darlene Dameron, Jim Amormino, Bob Shannon, Randy Gordonand Bob Blair.