As part of its recent green initiatives, Keesal Young & Logan sponsored an exciting urban foresting project on October 5, 2008, in conjunction with the celebrated arts and sustainability festival University by the Sea.
KYL provided funding and support for the planting of 33 new trees along the streets of the East Village Arts District in downtown Long Beach. At the ribbon cutting ceremony, three of the trees were named “Keesal” “Young” and “Logan” in honor of the firm.
The Los Angeles-based nonprofit organization TreePeople—which has offered sustainable solutions to urban ecosystems in the greater L.A. area for more than 30 years—coordinated the project, in conjunction with KYL sponsorship and U-Sea staff.
On the day of the event, TreePeople’s trained staff educated and organized more than 150 volunteers to plant three different species of trees along Elm Avenue and 3rd Street.
The Long Beach Redevelopment Agency and Public Works coordinated the cutting of 30 holes in the sidewalks to make way for the new Tabebuia avellandae, Tristania conferta and Pistacia chinensis—all vibrant, flowering species of trees that will liven-up the streetscape.
Benefits of the new trees include the reduction of ambient temperatures, increased property values, better air quality, decreased urban runoff and a more welcoming environment that encourages patrons to make an investment in their community.
KYL is honored to be a part of such an environmentally friendly endeavor and looks forward to undertaking more green initiatives at next year’s festival and beyond.
Keesal, Young & Logan Charitable Foundation