Grand Prix is a party venue

By Shirley Wild, Seen at the Scene, Long Beach Press Telegram

When it comes to parties, the Long Beach Grand Prix is the ultimate party venue. When it comes to upscale party venues, the ultimate spot is the 13th and 14th floor of the Keesal, Young and Logan offices in the Union Bank Building.

More than 1200 people enjoyed the unparalleled hospitality of Skip Keesal, Steve Young and crew. And what a crew. Warm, hospitable, efficient and affable, they make it look easy.

The day started with greetings served with mimosas and champagne and a commemorative photo op with Terry Ross and a race car. Upstairs another photo with Skip Keesal and Blake Christian, souvenir T-shirts and caps, earplugs and you’re on your way.

But first a pit stop for fuel: Eggs Benedict, scrambled eggs, breakfast potatoes, bacon, waffles, bagels, smoked salmon, fruit and of course, Bloody Mary’s on request.

At days end, the throng returns for dancing, and more comestibles to sustain: turkey, tri-tip, buffalo wings, meatballs, pasta salad, coleslaw, and cookies,

In between all of the eating and imbibing was lots of schmoozing and chatting, some folks even watched the race.
Seen at the scene: Blake and Vicki Christian; Victor and Lisa Gonzalez; Nancy Gaines; Jane Netherton and Tom Ramsey; Mario and Gloria Cordero; Mike and Arline Walter; John and Michelle Molina; Supervisor Don and Julie Knabe; Mayor Bob Foster; Gary and Dawna DeLong; President of the Harbor Commission Nick and Patti Sramek; Laura Doud; Ted Lieu; Assemblywoman Bonnie Lowenthal and Evan Braude; Jean Bixby Smith and Barbara Blackwell; Jerry Maize; Jim and Jorene Hankla; Carlann Wylie; Press-Telegram Editor and General Manager Sue Schmitt; Vern Schooley; Dick Landes; Suja Lowenthal; Randy Gordon and Nancy Becker; Val Lerch; Neal Robb; Barbie Barker and Don Litterst.

Others included Jerry Bloeser; Darlene Dameron and Gary Taylor; Jeff Severson and Lori Park; Dick Landes; Jack Dilday; Karen and Bob Blair; John Hancock; Randal Hernandez; Larry Jackson; Betsy Butler; Roderick Wright; Thomas Filds; Warren Furuntani; James Johnson; Susan Wise; Matt and Debbi Rezvani; Bill and Sheila Warburton; Jim Heersmans; Salvador Villar; Leslie and Mark Turpin; Lori Bell; Brian and Anna Russell; Jim Lewis; Chris and Kristen Lagerlof; Becky Cool; Ryan Martinez; Leo Fernandez; Howard Chambers; Dee Andrews; Martha and Tino Bernadett.