Yesterday, November 6, 2008, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger called on the legislature to convene a special session and announced an action plan to, among other things, stimulate employment in the State of California. Governor Schwarzenegger described a plan of targeted actions which are designed to make California a more employer-friendly state. The following proposed actions are of particular interest: (1) clarification of existing law regarding meal and rest periods to “provide employers and employees with a clear understanding of meal breaks and offering flexibility to both businesses and workers”; (2) “Allow employees to work more flexible hours upon request, such as 10 hour work days for a 40 hour workweek without being paid overtime”; and (3) adoption of an overtime exemption for certain employees who make over $100,000 without the need to meet the strict state exemption requirements. While no specific date was announced for the special session, Governor Schwarzenegger emphasized the need for swift action. We will keep you posted.
Click here for a summary of the Employment Stimulus Plan announced by the Governor yesterday.
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