Virtually every aspect of today’s business and legal world is enabled or facilitated by technology.  Every minute of every day, a company’s most valuable and sensitive commercial information, and that of its clients and customers is held on or passes through multiple systems; some the company may have control of, some it doesn’t and each a potential target for cyber attack.

The lawyers and professionals of Keesal, Young & Logan (KYL) regularly consult with clients, industry groups and other law firms on issues related to the risks and benefits associated with technology ‒ spanning commercial operation and all aspects of litigation.

KYL’s diverse practice enhances its ability to assist businesses of all sizes and in all industries on matters pertaining to cyber risk and data security. The firm’s history of representing companies in heavily-regulated industries provides a special perspective into the critical nature of cyber risk management.  Its regulatory expertise enables it to deal effectively with both the regulators and the courts as they look to apply 19th century rules and principles to emerging threats and develop and enforce new cyber rules and regulations.  KYL’s renowned 24/7 readiness, developed and honed to respond to major maritime, environmental, and other causalities also applies to its clients’ cyber emergencies.  And its substantial experience in litigation involving cyber issues, including computer fraud, business email compromise, cyber insurance, EU-U.S. Privacy Shield, software design, intellectual property, forensic investigation and all manner of eDiscovery issues, supplies KYL with the knowledge and wisdom needed  to guide clients capably both before disputes develop and after.

In addition, KYL has developed strategic partnerships with industry-leading service providers in the areas of cybersecurity education, detection and response, as well as third-party vendor risk management.

KYL’s technology platform is regularly audited by third-party security risk consultants and the firm’s lawyers and professionals regularly publish research and present CLE sessions to clients, other lawyers and law students on topics related to technology, cyber risk and ethical implications.

KYL’s commitment to excellence in applying leading edge technology in its operations and litigation practice has resulted in a number of recognitions including being the first law firm to be named to the InfoWorld 100 (2003), two International Legal Technology Association Distinguished Peer Awards (2011 and 2014), top individual honors from the Association of Certified eDiscovery Specialists (2015), the first law firm to pass the Procertas Legal Technology Audit (2015) and the first ever Association of Certified eDiscovery Specialists Law Firm of the Year award (2016).