White-Collar Criminal Defense

Businesses in the United States and throughout the world operate in an environment of increasingly aggressive federal and state government prosecutorial oversight. Matters that were previously handled through civil or regulatory processes may now result in criminal investigations and proceedings.

Whether counsel represents an individual, a corporation, or another entity, he or she needs to understand and be able to deal with the possible criminal ramifications of almost any investigation. Many of our white-collar representations have occurred in the context of parallel regulatory or civil proceedings.

By combining Keesal, Young & Logan’s experienced white-collar defense team with our broad substantive expertise, we are able to provide integrated counseling and representation on all aspects of such matters. Keesal, Young & Logan’s white-collar defense and corporate compliance team includes experienced attorneys uniquely positioned to counsel and assist companies seeking to avoid problems before they occur; and to respond to subpoenas, search warrants, grand jury investigations, and trials. We apply an intelligent, efficient approach to white-collar criminal defense. We recognize that in most cases an indictment in a white-collar matter is almost as devastating as a conviction. Thus, we thoroughly investigate the facts, pursue all available defenses, and do our best to persuade the prosecutorial decision-makers to decline prosecution.

We have handled cases in multiple state and federal jurisdictions involving allegations of government procurement and program fraud, antitrust, securities offenses, mail fraud, wire fraud, customs violations, and money laundering. Our expertise also extends to allegations of marine and land-based environmental violations. In other instances we have been engaged by companies, some not yet under governmental scrutiny, to conduct internal investigations of potential wrongdoing and report our results and recommendations to the appropriate corporate officials. Keesal, Young & Logan’s white-collar defense team then assists in the creation of effective corporate compliance programs. Additionally, Keesal, Young & Logan has directed successful investigations in cases brought against manufacturers and government contractors.

Keesal, Young & Logan’s white-collar criminal defense team is available to respond to clients’ needs twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, and is reachable through the firm’s After Hours Hotline.

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