At Keesal, Young & Logan, we take great pride in how we recruit new individuals to join our firm.  We have a rigorous interview process and seek to hire only those individuals who can uphold the core values that Keesal, Young & Logan has held since its founding more than four decades ago.

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Keesal, Young & Logan’s annual summer associate program is designed to be both meaningful and enjoyable.  The program offers a wide variety of work experiences for the summer associates and opportunities for the firm to evaluate the skills and abilities of the summer associates.

The firm believes its summer associates can and should be allowed to make significant contributions to the handling and developments of cases.  Summer associates are given opportunities to prepare motions and other pleadings, analyze documents, draft transactional documents, and research issues of law important to our clients’ cases.  We do not invent projects simply to test the skills of our summer associates.

The nature of our summer associates’ work is determined by the matters the firm is handling at the time.  A supervising attorney assigns projects to summer associates so that each summer associate has the chance to work with as many attorneys and in as many practice areas as possible.  If a summer associate expresses an interest in a particular practice area, we will attempt to accommodate that interest.  Most summer associates participate in a variety of the firm’s practice areas.  Whenever possible, we invite summer associates to attend litigation opportunities such as court hearings, depositions, arbitrations, mediations, and trials.  We also invite summer associates to work on transactions, craft advice to clients, and participate in investigations.  Supervising attorneys provide meaningful and constructive feedback to the summer associates on an ongoing basis so that the summer associates can learn from each project.

In addition to providing quality work experience opportunities, Keesal, Young & Logan’s summer associate program offers many social activities away from the office, in more relaxed circumstances, so that members of the firm and summer associates can become better acquainted outside the business context.

Keesal, Young & Logan seeks to attract personable and capable law students who have excelled academically in law school and who have demonstrated a high level of personal achievement.  Through its summer associate program, the firm strives to create an atmosphere that encourages professional growth in an environment of supportive camaraderie.