For almost 50 years, Keesal, Young & Logan has built a reputation of outstanding results in the courtroom and social responsibility in the community.
In response to our growing concern for the environment, the employees at KYL have steadily strengthened their commitment to extend that charitable spirit and care to the rest of the planet.

Starting with a two-decade-old comprehensive recycling program and continuing today with supporting innovative sustainable projects and charities and making environmental impact a primary consideration when making purchasing decisions, we incorporate green thinking into our daily practice.

Also of note, KYL’s San Francisco office at 450 Pacific—an architectural renovation project that was given an “Award of Merit” by McGraw Hill Construction in 2009—utilizes energy and water saving features and employs the concept of creative re-use, incorporating and improving on the original exposed brick and timber structure and interior.

To learn more about some of our favorite green community partners, please visit these websites:
San Francisco Green Business Program
Give Something Back Office Supplies
Tree People Los Angeles
Seattle Tilth
Long Beach Local

If you have any questions or suggestions for the KYL Green Team, please send us an email by clicking here.