About KYL

Keesal, Young & Logan practices law in a distinctly different manner.  We are a community of lawyers who take our commitment to one another as seriously as our commitment to our clients.

What sets KYL apart in the practice of law is the value we place on personal relationships and shared achievement.  As it turns out, this attitude affects everything we do.  The power of simple human courtesy is astounding.  It opens minds, establishes bridges, creates opportunities for agreement, and promotes understanding.  Clients love it.  Judges and juries respond to it.  Legal colleagues respect it.  Talented young lawyers seek it out.  Indeed, the professional comity and collaborative spirit that have shaped the practice of law at KYL and helped build our firm over the past four decades consistently attracts and retains the finest legal practitioners.

The results are striking.  During the 47 years in which we have built our practice, KYL has produced consistently high quality legal work, strong, lasting relationships with our clients, a respected position in the legal communities in which we practice, and one of the best litigation track records in the country.

Our firm’s reputation as formidable litigators and effective corporate legal practitioners is built on thorough preparation, creative strategic thinking, and strong courtroom advocacy.  The principles that drive our success are those found in most thriving organizations:  Integrity, honesty, fairness in our dealings with our colleagues, our clients and our legal adversaries; an expectation of excellence in our work, through both mastery of the law and careful preparation; a common-sense approach to problem solving that respects and conserves our clients’ resources; a responsive, service-oriented attitude in our working relationships; and a willingness to engage issues and opponents head-on when necessary, and win.

KYL today maintains offices in five cities, serving the business and civil litigation needs of clients throughout the western United States and Pacific Rim.

We have built a national reputation with innovative work in financial services, admiralty/maritime, environmental, employment, and complex business litigation.  Our expertise, however, spans the legal spectrum, and we proudly provide excellent service to our clients in the following areas of practice:

As long as the practice of law remains a fundamentally human endeavor, we will continue to do business a little differently—with energy, determination, probity, common sense, respect for others, and simple human courtesy.  We invite you to discover what the difference can mean for you.