Keesal Propulsion Labs (KP Labs) is honored to be included on the Association of Corporate Counsel/ACC 2021 Value Champions list for a project we collaborated on with NetApp’s law department in tandem with technology providers LexCheck and QuisLex. The Champions award recognized 12 innovative law departments (including NetApp) and their external partners (including KP Labs) as pioneers of optimized legal services.

Specifically, the project which qualified KP Labs for the award focused on transforming NetApp’s procurement contract approval process to be dramatically more efficient. NetApp procurement contract data revealed a disproportionate amount of time needed for approval, so they assembled this collaborative team to help.

The process and technology solution which the team collectively created used artificial intelligence (AI) to put all necessary information for contract approval at the approving VP’s fingertips: an overall risk rating, a risk report including mitigation measures, and a list of prior approvals and comments from Legal and other stakeholders. This collaborative effort has reduced NetApp’s approval time by 80 percent and reduced the escalation rate from 80 percent to 10 percent.

Justin Hectus, CIO of KYL and KP Labs, said, “We are beyond thrilled to be one of the partners featured on the ACC 2021 Value Champions list! We have drawn an incredible amount of inspiration from the NetApp team, and their ability to encourage and support cross-organizational collaboration is unparalleled.  Different perspectives and skillsets are needed to solve complex problems with finesse and automation and NetApp was able to orchestrate a great collaboration between LexCheck, QuisLex and  our teams.  We’re incredibly proud to share a piece of this recognition.”