Leslie A. Smith

  • 1986 – B.A. degree in Allied Legal Service (pre-law) from University of Central Florida
  • 1986-1996 – Paralegal at KYL
  • 1996-present – Senior Paralegal at KYL
  • Certified CaseMap Administrator, and COBOT software certification in Microsoft Excel and Adobe Pro
  • Specialize in employment, securities and maritime litigation.
  • Maintain and organize all case documents utilizing CaseMap and TextMap.  Assist with written discovery.  Preparation of third-party and deposition subpoenas and notices.  Prepare production of documents.  E-discovery document review and searches in Eclipse and other platforms.  Obtain information and documents for investigations.  Analysis of data and preparation of spreadsheets and statistics.
  • Trial, arbitration and mediation preparation which includes timelines and charts, trial and witness notebooks, trial subpoenas, exhibit books, witness and exhibit lists, demonstrative evidence, PowerPoint presentations, and TrialDirector.
  • Attend and assist at trial and arbitrations with demonstrative evidence, exhibits, coordinating witnesses, PowerPoint presentations and TrialDirector.
  • Assist with post-trial judgment and collection cases which includes preparation of notices of entry of judgment, memorandums of costs, writs of execution, abstracts of judgment, wage garnishments, bank levies, property levies, liens on personal property and sister state judgments.